Send serial data as keystrokes

Latest version: 4.0.46 build 423. .

Data export module "Send keystrokes" for program Printer Audit Software is for data transmit received by program Printer Audit Software and picked out from data flow by a parser to edited entry fields, belonging to other Window's applications windows. The data export module transmits received data to other Window's applications windows using Windows messages transmit system (keystrokes). With the help of this data export module, entry fields of the pointed by you applications will be filled automatically by data, received from your computer COM port.

Present module has the following peculiarities:

  • Can be done simultaneous transmit of several variables, defined on configuration stage. At the same time for every variable can be set it's own transmit parameters, and also value of one variable can be transmitted to several windows;
  • Setup ease. At configuration stage to define a window, to which value must be transmitted select the necessary window and entry field in this window and click the mouse, holding key Ctrl;
    All settings are saved at closing Printer Audit Software and restored automatically at the next program start;
  • At closing the window to which data are transmitted, module saves its parameters and at the next opening data transmit is restored;
  • Beside data transmit values, key combinations pointed by you can be also transmitted to entry fields, that lets automatically execute command, defined for present application.

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